Welcome to iVote® Online Voting

The iVote® system is a form of voting where eligible voters can vote using the internet or telephone as an alternative to voting at a Polling Place.

Under current legislation, the iVote® system cannot be made available in Local Government elections and will only be in use for any NSW State by-elections and for the 2019 NSW State General Election.

iVote® eligibility

People enrolled in NSW can vote using the iVote® System if:

  • My real place of living is not within 20 kilometres, by the nearest practicable route, of a polling place
  • My vision is so impaired, or otherwise I am so physically incapacitated or so illiterate, that I am unable to vote without assistance
  • I have a disability (within the meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977) and because of that disability I have difficulty voting at a polling place or I am unable to vote without assistance
  • I will not be within New South Wales throughout the hours of polling on election day

To practise using the iVote system, please click on the link Try the iVote® practice system.
If you would like to watch the iVote® process from registration to receipt checking, click the link Watch the iVote® process.